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All Year-Round Activities… (seasonal additions may be announced last minute)

Our Newly Improved Treasure Coin Program ! – Hidden outside, over the entire resort, are gold and silver colored coins. Collect them and turn them in at the office for great prizes. The more you find the better. Look everywhere our team of coin hiders are very tricky. This program is fun for all ages! So parents get out there and help search too. 🙂

“Geronimo” ( a long time resort tradition ) is our Indian Friend hiding in the forest just waiting for you to find him. If you find him and learn the secret word you can get a prize in the office. Stop by the office for a few hints on his current location.

“McGeezer’s Treasure Hunt”– Find Old McGeezers secret treasure box to learn what to do to receive your prize from the office. Oh but some of you have found his treasure before. Well this year, he says, he is moving his box and it’s going to be a bigger challenge than before to find it. Stop by the office for clues and remember to watch out for Squeezer (McGeezers pet bear).

Catch 12– Catch 12 fish at one of our docks and stop by the office for a prize. Your parents can keep count. So please release the fish after catching.

All programs subject to change or cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Additional Programs may be added. Consult office schedule.