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Our Value Added Specials will periodically change. So please check back often. Or call 1-800-447-3327

**Specials are only available for direct booking guests. So book direct and get our best rates and our specials. How can you beat that !! Specials can not be honored for third party bookings.


*** PLEASE NOTE- Our Seasonal Fun Activities are available to all guest.

Always FREE and Always FUN!

Well almost free you are required to have fun !

Our Family programs are always free here at Tribesman. PLUS they offer a way for us to give you extra value for your dollar.

For Summer scheduled activities like : Treasure Hunts, Captain Kids Days and more……Click below .

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Spring Time



boat art

March 1 thru May 20th and June 1st thru June 7th

Rent any unit here at the Tribesman Resort (1-800-447-3327) for 2 or more consecutive nights and receive a 2 hour pontoon rental or a 4 hour golf cart rental – free. You will only have to pay for fuel you use. If you are bringing your own boat we will give you a free boat slip rental instead.

The fine print: The Explorers Special can not be used in conjunction with any other special. Boats and golf carts are, of course, subject to weather and availability. One special per visit/per unit limit. Fuel charge for golf cart is 1.25+tax. Boat fuel charge is based on actual gallons used+tax.

All Specials are for direct bookings only. Specials can not be honored if you book through a third party. You must call 1-800-447-3327 or book through our web site ( this site) to use this or any special on this page. Special excludes Thursday through Sunday of Labor Day weekend.

The Great Pirate Coin Hunt !

These pirate coins can be found all over the property can be exchange anytime for prizes. 20 coins = 1 prize from the treasure chest or a free hour on a peddle boat or kayak.

The boss has leaky pockets and looses these coins all over the property. Finding 20 coins wont be easy; but, it’s so much fun and if you’re good you can do it more than once.

All ages are eligible, all resort guest are eligible. So get out and enjoy a hunt in the beautiful nature. Leave that cell phone in the unit and find some coins.

This is the one special, we have, that can be used with other specials.


Nov. and Dec. 2021

Rent any full kitchen style unit here at Tribesman Resort during November and December of 2021. If you stay 2 or more nights. You will get a pizza for every 2 people in your room ! You can have a pizza party on us!

These are St Louis Style, Provolone Extra Meat Pizzas made especially for us in TJ’s pizza kitchen of St Louis. TJ’s calls these pizzas “The Everything Pizza”. Once prepared they are then quick frozen for a fresh delivery to us. We then place them into your room , the day of your arrival. So that you can make them in your units oven at your convenience.

The Fine Print : This special can not be used with any other specials. To use this special you must book directly with us and not through a third party. Also you are required to have a good vacation while here at The Tribesman. 🙂 This special applies only to units with full kitchens.